C-GS2 Gear Seminars - Hard Finishing of Cylindrical Gears

2 days
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Participants will gain a comprehensive overview of the most modern gear cutting techniques for hard processing from individual production to mass production.

    Experts in the areas of design, work preparation, manufacture and quality assurance.

    Note: Maximum of 36 participants.

    • Prework for hard gear finishing.

    • Existence of gear deviations.

    • Measurement and assessment of gears.

    • Statistic evaluation of measuring results and investigation of the ability of processes.

    • Skive hobbing of hardened gears

    • Hard skiving, a hard gear finishing process for high volume production.

    • High performance grinding with profile grinding machines.

    • Spur and helical gear grinding.

    • Honing of cylindrical gears by use of a tool with internal teeth.

    • Comparison of hard gear finishing processes


    Basic knowledge of gear cutting and knowledge of the various manufacturing techniques for toothed gear processes.