C-TWG30 - Electrical Maintenance, Cylindrical Threaded Wheel Grinder

1 day (7 hours)
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Electrical maintenance training is aimed at the personnel responsible for the electrical maintenance of the machine with controller Siemens 840D. The participants in this training are trained in the fundamentals of proper commissioning, fault diagnosis and troubleshooting for the electrical equipment of the of the TWG series.

  • Genesis® 160TWG
  • 300TWG
  • Proper use of the safety requirements for Gleason machines.
  • Basic structure of the machine
  • Locating the cause of malfunctions
    (by interpreting indications and error messages, tracing signals on the basis of circuit diagrams, using software tools)
  • Operating the machine to the extent necessary for service
  • The design of the electrical part and function of the components
  • Backup the hard drive and restore
  • Structure of the program
  • Questions and answers

The course is intended for the servicing and maintenance personnel.
Knowledge in maintenance of modern Siemens systems is required for this course.