C-TWG10 - Machine Operation, Cylindrical Threaded Wheel Grinder

3 days (7 hours each)
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Aimed at production personnel who work with the finished machine, the Machine Operation Training teaches the knowledge and skills required to keep production running. This training provides the necessary skills to:

  • Operate the machine correctly and safely
  • Change job, work piece corrections
  • How to deal with simple problems

  • Genesis® 160TWG
  • 300TWG

Proper use of the safety requirements for Gleason machines

Safety requirements for users and operators (start-up, shut-down, manual traversing, program selection, automatic program execution)

Operating the machine system

  • Basic structure of the machine
  • Machine safety features
  • Start-up and shut-down procedures
  • Manual traversing
  • Assembly of tools and fastening devices
  • File management
  • Structure operators screens
  • Correct simple problems

The course is intended for machine set up personnel and operators. 
As well it is a first introduction for the mechanical and electrical maintenance personnel.  Basic knowledge in gear finishing and maintenance of modern CNC-machines is required for this course