C-H33 - Electrical Maintenance Pfauter "Wälzmodule", Cylindrical Hobbing

3 days; 4 days with an interpreter. Commencement and completion following consultation.
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Pfauter ELG (Electronic Gearbox) with Siemens 3M or Bosch CC220 / CC300.

Participants will be able to locate errors in the “Pfauter-Wälzmodul“ and carry out a diagnosis using NC-screen, terminal or a PC.

Customer-specific training depends on the machine equipment and the previous knowledge and wishes of the participants.

    Plant electricians, repair and maintenance personnel.

    Note: Maximum of 4 participants.

    • Communication of the control with the Wälzmodul(WM).
    • Structure, block diagram, PLC-function, WM-commands.
    • Machine data of “Pfauter-Wälzmodul“.
    • Application of the WM-terminal or PC.
    • Optimization with the screen or PC.
    • Analysis of following error.
    • Software transfer and restarting.
    • Practical exercises at laboratory control.


    Control systems basic course H70 Siemens 3M or Control systems basic course H80 Bosch CC220/300.  Basic knowledge of electrical and electronical systems.