C-H40 - Dialogue Programming, Cylindrical Hobbing

3 days; 4 days with an interpreter. 4 - 5 days in the case of comprehensive dialogue programs with several processes, options, special circuits and peripheries. Commencement and completion following consultation.
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Participants will be able to enter work-gear, tool and technology data in the Gleason-Pfauter hobbing dialogue program, set up machine programs and process work gears on their own.

The training is independent of the machine type and machine equipment.  Of course we take care for special features of the machine, the previous knowledge and wishes of the participants.

Note: Maximum of 4 participants.

  • P400
  • P600
  • P600/800
  • P800
  • P1200
  • P1600
  • P2000
  • P3200
  • P4000
  • P5000
  • P6000
  • P2800
  • Titan® 1200H Gear Hobbing Machine
  • Titan 1600H® Gear Hobbing Machine
  • Titan 2000H® Gear Hobbing Machine

Machine operators, Toolsetters, Foremen, Work preparation.

  • Machine control: structure, operating modes and functions.
  • Special equipment: automatic workpiece change, centering.
  • Processing procedures, circuits, strategies.
  • Inputting data: pre-selection, work gear, tool and intersection data.
  • Machine adjustment.
  • Production: processing 1st work gear, dimensional corrections, processing subsequent work gears, circuit influences.
  • File management: Creating, changing, deleting and reading-in and reading-out files.
  • Practical exercises at laboratory control and machine including participant’s samples.