B-C20 - Mechanical Maintenance, Bevel Machines

Two days for 600HTL and 600HTT, three days for all others
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The mechanical maintenance course will give the student a complete understanding of the maintenance of the major components of the Gleason PHOENIX® machines. The student will also become familiar with the troubleshooting techniques, component removal and re-assembly of machine components.

These machines include:

  • 275HC PHOENIX® Hypoid Cutting Machine
  • 280HC PHOENIX® Hypoid Cutting Machine
  • 600HC PHOENIX® Hypoid Cutting Machine
  • 1000HC PHOENIX® Hypoid Cutting Machine
  • 275G PHOENIX® Hypoid Grinder
  • 600G PHOENIX® Hypoid Grinder
  • 800G PHOENIX® Hypoid Grinder
  • 360AT PHOENIX® CNC Gear Testing Machine
  • 600HTT PHOENIX® CNC Gear Testing Machine
  • 600HTL Turbo Lapping Machine
  • BPG Cutter Sharpening Machine
  • GP Series Cylindrical Machines

  • PHOENIX® 600HC Bevel Gear Cutting Machine
  • GP200S Gear Shaping Machine
  • GP300S Gear Shaping Machine
  • GP200ES Gear Shaping Machine
  • GP300ES Gear Shaping Machine
  • PHOENIX® 275HC Bevel Gear Cutting Machine
  • PHOENIX® 280CX
  • PHOENIX® 1000HC Bevel Gear Cutting Machine
  • PHOENIX®II 275G Bevel Gear Grinding Machine
  • PHOENIX®II 600G Bevel Gear Grinding Machine
  • PHOENIX® 800G Bevel Gear Grinding Machine
  • 600HTL TURBO LAPPER® Bevel Gear Lapping Machine
  • BPG
  • 1000T Universal Gear Tester
  • PHOENIX® 280C
  • PHOENIX® 280G
  • The frame, pivot and root angle slide
  • Horizontal and vertical slides
  • Radial slide and workhead
  • Machine spindles
  • All axis ballscrews, gearbox and encoders
  • Review of hydraulic, pneumatic and coolant systems
  • All aspects of machine gaging



These student should have prior knowledge and familiarization with general CNC system concepts and working knowledge of mechanical mechanisms and assembly procedures.  Training is subject to machine availability.