B-M41 - G-AGE™ Software

Five days.
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This course includes a combination of classroom and hands-on training on a coordinate checking machine using Gleason G-AGE™ software for precision index and flank form tooth surface measurements of bevel and hypoid gears. The course will also review the workpiece coordinate system and software used in the coordinate measurement machine and the transfer of the job data information from the Gleason mainframe computer. 

  • PHOENIX® 600HC Bevel Gear Cutting Machine
  • PHOENIX® 275HC Bevel Gear Cutting Machine
  • PHOENIX® 280CX
  • PHOENIX® 1000HC Bevel Gear Cutting Machine
  • PHOENIX®II 600G Bevel Gear Grinding Machine
  • PHOENIX® 800G Bevel Gear Grinding Machine
  • PHOENIX® 280C
  • PHOENIX® 280G
  • Features of Gleason G-AGE™ Software
  • G-AGE™ job data disk
  • Catalogue and menu access and operation
  • Error recovery methods
  • Setting evaluation modes
  • Description and evaluation of the output data
  • Description and use of the corrective settings
  • Overview of Gleason software to create and download job data