B-C42 - Face Hobbing Development

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This course will provide instruction in the theory and practical application of techniques for the development of pinion tooth surfaces for gears cut by the face hobbing (3 axis) cutting method. The class will also discuss the lapping of face hobbed gears. This class is offered using either typical high speed steel blades with coolant or dry power cutting with carbide blades. 

  • PHOENIX® 600HC Bevel Gear Cutting Machine
  • PHOENIX® 275HC Bevel Gear Cutting Machine
  • PHOENIX® 280CX
  • PHOENIX® 1000HC Bevel Gear Cutting Machine
  • PHOENIX® 280C
  • Terminology of cutting bevel and hypoid gears
  • Gear Blank Inspection
  • Theory of cutting with the face hobbing method
  • Description of the motions of a Gleason PHOENIX® gear cutting machine
  • Loading summaries
  • Description of the TRI-AC® and PENTAC® cutter systems
  • Setup of the TRI-AC® or PENTAC® cutter
  • Setup of the gear cutting machine
  • Cutting of gear and pinion
  • Discussion of the tooth contact development procedure using proportional changes
  • Description of the testing techniques used for the face hobbing method
  • Practical exercise for testing of gear parts and development of desired tooth contact patterns
  • Discussion of lapping of face hobbed gears