B-C41- Face Milling Development Completing

One week.
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This course will provide instruction in the theory and practical application of techniques for cutting gears and pinions by the Gleason DUPLEX Helical completing method. Practical experience will be given in the setup and operation of appropriate Gleason machines.

Development techniques used for completing gears and pinions and the use of a Gleason hypoid tester will be demonstrated and/or used by the trainee during this course. Additional training including a description and practical instruction in the use of the Gleason RSR®  Cutter System can also be arranged as a separate activity.

  • PHOENIX® 600HC Bevel Gear Cutting Machine
  • PHOENIX® 275HC Bevel Gear Cutting Machine
  • PHOENIX® 280CX
  • PHOENIX® 1000HC Bevel Gear Cutting Machine
  • PHOENIX® 280C
  • Blank checking
  • Description of motions of Gleason generators
  • Inspection of the gear member
  • Setup of a Gleason generator for the pinion member
  • Discussion of roll test procedures
  • Testing the cut parts
  • Discussion and practical application of development procedures for completing (spiral angle, pressure angle, bias, length, profile).