H20 Maintenance Mechanics

2 days
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The Mechanical Servicing training is aimed at personnel responsible for the maintenance and repair of Gleason-Hurth machines. The participants in this training are trained in the fundamentals of proper maintenance and repair work of the ZH series.

    The course is intended for the servicing and maintenance personnel.

    • Proper use of the safety requirements for Gleason-Hurth machine
    • Basic structure of the machine
    • Mode of operation of the individual components and machine assemblies
    • Honing head
    • Headstock
    • Tailstock (optional)
    • Work piece clamping fixture
    • Drawings and spare parts catalog
    • Operating the machine to the extent necessary for service
    • Deal with simple problems
    • Preventive maintenance and servicing work
    • Geometric adjustment
    • Questions and answers

    Basic knowledge in maintenance of modern CNC-machines is required for this course.