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Applications for gears produced on Gleason machines are the most diverse imaginable – from gears the size of a coin for fishing reels and power tools, to those weighing many tons and standing taller than a man for use in steel rolling mills and mining equipment. They’re found in the harshest, most challenging environments too, from equipment for logging operations in Siberia, to rock crushers used in mining operations in the Australian Outback, to even a vehicle roving the surface of Mars. That’s because only Gleason offers Total Gear Solutions for the production of virtually every gear type, size, geometry and material – and for the latest designs specifying the most extreme accuracy, repeatability, surface finishes and quality criteria.

That’s why more gear manufacturers and precision job shops around the world turn to Gleason for Total Gear Solutions. The more demanding the project, the better we look. As the industry leader in gear cutting tools and equipment, with a manufacturing presence on three continents, sales and service representatives serving over 50 countries, and a growing number of regional Technical Support Centers, Gleason capabilities are both close by and far-reaching. Our broad-based infrastructure and strong world-wide presence place us in a unique position to be able to effectively respond to all our customers’ needs.

Your search for solutions to your toughest challenges, regardless of gear type or application, starts here.


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