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The world’s aerospace leaders are applying new manufacturing technology and production methods on a scale not seen since the dawn of the jet age. Extremely high quality gears with particularly challenging geometries and materials are today the standard in aerospace manufacturing. At the same time, the need for more productive machining methods delivering exceptional accuracies has never been greater.  Total Gear Solutions from Gleason are helping aerospace manufacturers around the world achieve all of their objectives, whether it’s with gears produced for the high load requirements of a lightweight helicopter rotor gearbox, or gearsets designed to withstand the extreme heat found in jet engines.

By employing Total Gear Solutions from Gleason, aerospace gear producers also can bring their products to market faster, and reduce development, design and production time to a fraction of what they’re used to.   For bevel gear production, for example, Gleason’s proprietary Gleason Expert Manufacturing System, called GEMS, working in conjunction with new Gleason Phoenix® CNC Bevel Gear Cutting and Grinding Machines and CNC Gear Inspection Systems, holds the key to eliminating months of costly trial and error from the design and production of new-design aerospace gearsets.


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