Gleason-Pfauter ドイツ

Wälzfräsmaschinenfabrik Hermann Pfauter founded in Chemnitz.

Six different sizes of hobbing machines offered.

Completion of the company’s own manufacturing premises in Chemnitz.

Significant exports, especially to the USA.

The 2,000th Pfauter hobbing machine is produced.

Robert Hermann Pfauter dies on October 14 aged 60. The Pfauter factory is now 5,000 m2, with 300 employees. Supported by a growing workforce of skilled employees, Mrs. Clara Pfauter assumes management of the company.

The Hermann Pfauter Foundation is set up to provide a company pension plan.

The 10,000th Pfauter hobbing machine is produced.

Introduction of the innovative ‘climb hobbing’ process.

The Pfauter factory grows to 17,000 m2 and 800 employees. The first automatically-fed hobbing machine is built.

The first motorized cutterhead machine for normal and large-scale hobs is built.

Total area of the Pfauter factory is 23,000 m2, with 1,200 employees. Over 16,000 machines and over 200,000 hobs have been produced. At the end World War II, dismantling starts and youngest son Hermann joins the company.

Expropriation and end of dismantling.

Wilhelm Pfauter, who remained in Chemnitz, founds the ‘Werkzeugmaschinen Einsiedel’ company.

The entry of the parent company in the Chemnitz register of companies of 1900 is deleted by authorities. The company is moved from Chemnitz to Kornwestheim, near Stuttgart. Together with loyal employees, brothers Michael, Georg and Hermann Pfauter start rebuilding the company in West Germany.

First groundbreaking of the new factory in Ludwigsburg.

Wilhelm Pfauter, the last managing director of the Chemnitz parent factory, is freed from Russian captivity. Clara Pfauter Foundation set up.

Clara Pfauter dies on October 3, aged 85.

The 20,000th Pfauter hobbing machine is built. Successor to the Hermann Pfauter Foundation is set up to support company pensions.

The training center is officially opened.

On June 21, Georg Pfauter dies, age 64 and on July 5, Wilhelm Pfauter dies age 67.

Foundation of the American Pfauter Corporation (APC) in Chicago.

Dr. Michael Pfauter leaves the board. Foundation of the Pfauter Committee chaired by Dr. Michael Pfauter.

The 24,000th Pfauter hobbing machine is delivered. Founding of Engrenasa, Maquinas de Engrenagens S.A. in Sorocaba, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

The first Pfauter NC hobbing machine is presented at the EMO trade fair in Paris, France.

The 25,000th Pfauter hobbing machine is produced. Pfauter France set up in Paris. License given to Renault subsidiary Acma Machine.

The first Pfauter hobbing machines with freely-programmable control are shown at the 3rd EMO trade fair in Milan, Italy.

Delivery of the first Pfauter PE 150 CNC Hobbing Machine.

License agreement with Kapp, Coburg, for building profile grinding machines.

The 500th Pfauter fully-integrated NC gear-cutting machine, including the 300th PE 150, are built. American Pfauter Corporation acquires Barber-Colman’s tool manufacturing division.

Gear-cutting machine activities of ZF Demm in Porretta Terme, Bologna, Italy are acquired.

The first P 100 dry hobbing machine is displayed at the EMO trade fair in Milan, Italy. Gear-cutting machine activities of Mikron in Biel, Switzerland and in Villanova di Castenaso, Bologna, Italy are acquired.

All limited partners’ shares transferred from the Pfauter family to the Gleason Corporation, Rochester NY, USA.

Approx. 50% of turnover in the Ludwigsburg plant relates to profile grinding machines.

  • 1998 Introduction of Gleason-PFAUTER Profile Grinding Machines
  • 2001 Development of electronic controlled inclined run technology on Shaping Machines
  • 2009 Presentation of the first combined Threaded- and Profile Wheel Grinding Machines
  • 2011 Start of the new designed Hobbing Machine “Titan 1200H”

Launch of the new 600PS Power Skiving Machine

Today, Gleason-PFAUTER is one of Gleason’s three machine production facilities within Europe, with about 700 employees supporting the development and production of high precision machines, highly competitive tools and outstanding After Sales Service performance for customers around the world.

Introduction of the 200GX and 260GX Threaded Wheel Grinding Machines

Launch of 100S Shaping Machine for small gears

Integration of the Gleason-Hurth machine division into the Gleason-Pfauter organization.

Today, Gleason-Pfauter is one of four production facilities in Europe, with more than 500 employees focused on the development and production of the latest gear manufacturing process technologies and machines.