Gleason Cutting Tools Corp.

The manufacturing of hobs and milling cutters under the leadership of Howard Colman was developed for Barber Colman Company’s internal use to support the manufacturing of precision textile machinery. In 1908 the hobs and milling cutters were marketed for the first time as it became apparent the increased external demand for more accurate gear and profile cutting tools.

The development of the first commercially sold Barber Colman automatic index cutter sharpener in 1919 was a breakthrough for the tool industry and led to the increased manufacturing and servicing of hob, form cutters, and thread milling cutters.

Barber Colman was the first USA gear tool company applying in-house PVD wear coatings to cutting tools in 1982 to extend tool life.

Pfauter-Maag Cutting Tools L.P. established with the purchase of the tool division of the Barber Colman Company (est. 1894).

Introduction of the patented Wafer Hob.

Acquisition of Cleveland Cutter and Reamer Co. of Cleveland, Ohio.

Acquisition of the majority of Mecup in Bologna, Italy. Mecup becomes Pfauter-Maag’s manufacturing location in Europe.

Acquisition of the tool manufacturing division of Illinois Tool Works, Chicago, Illinois. Installed next generation of coating equipment for newly developed coatings such as titanium aluminum nitride PVD coatings, AlNite™

Installation of manufacturing cell solely for solid carbide tool production. Installation of fully vacuum hardening and tempering units, resulting in total elimination of salt bath hardening.

The Pfauter Group becomes part of the Gleason Corporation in Rochester, NY. Company renamed Gleason Pfauter Hurth Cutting Tools Corporation.

New Powerlube™ coatings for dry cutting with High Speed Steel are introduced to the market.

Gleason Pfauter Hurth Cutting Tools begins manufacturing Gleason carbide bevel stick blades for PowerDryCutting™. Registered to ISO 9001:1994 International Quality Standard.

Established the manufacturing facility for plated CBN and diamond cylindrical and bevel gear grinding wheels. Registered to ISO 9001:2000 and Ford Q1. Gleason Corporation restructured as a private company and renamed Gleason Cutting Tools Corporation.

Registered to ISO 14001:1996 International Environmental Quality Standard.

Established capability to produce DIN AA Quality Shaper Cutters using Gleason Hurth WS300 Grinders.

Started lean manufacturing journey internally and the application of Gleason Business Philosophy principles, to eliminate wastes and rapidly implement continual improvements.

Registered to ISO 14001:2004.

Installed next generation of new coating equipment for rapid processing and newly developed coatings such as Aluminum Chromium Nitride PVD coatings, AlCroNite® Pro.

Began manufacturing bevel cutting tools in North America. Commenced production of coarse pitch hobs utilizing custom designed production cell.

Gleason acquires IMS KOEPFER Cutting Tools GmbH of Eisenbach, Germany from IMS Gear GmbH and KOEPFER Verzahnungsmaschinen GmbH. IMS KOEPFER Cutting Tools is a producer of high-quality gear cutting tools and related products and services. The company, with approximately 70 employees, is renamed Gleason Cutting Tools GmbH and continues to operate at its current location in Eisenbach, Germany

Unprecedented investments in equipment, facilities, and people continue to raise cutting tool quality to the highest level while simultaneously reducing tool cost and lead times with the application of lean GBP principles (Gleason Business Philosophy).