Gleason-Hurth Tooling

In 1896 Carl Hurth founded the “Carl Hurth Maschinen und Zahnradfabrik”. With just a minimal number of machines and small workforce the company quickly started to grow and establish important relationships with a great variety of customers.

By developing the first hobbing machine in 1904 Carl Hurth started to specialize and focus on gear production.

The production of gearboxes for motorcycles was so successful that the workforce had grown to 800 people in 1925.

Development began on shaving technology. Three years later, the first gear shaving cutter was delivered.

After the moving of “HURTH” to the present location in Munich in 1958 the company continued to engineer the plunge shaving technology in 1962. By that time the business was divided into three units: transmission and gears, machines, tools. The rapid growth of the economic system enabled the company to employ up to 3000 people in 1969. The change of the world’s economy enabled “HURTH” to start with the first production plant outside of Germany in 1975.

The delivery of the 100,000th gear shaving cutter was celebrated in the early 1980’s. During this period continuous development of a new shaving technology continued, culminating with introduction of a revolutionary new shaving machine design in 1982.

The presentation of the first Power Honing starts an exciting new era in the fine finishing of cylindrical gears.

Gleason acquired Carl Hurth Maschinen und Zahnradfabrik taking advantage of the companies’ strong relationship and the need to expand globally... The Gleason–HURTH company was born. The successful marriage of Gleason and Hurth has insured a stronger, more agile and diversified company better positioned to continue devloping innovative new technologies. Gleason-HURTH became the competence center for fine finishing of gears within Gleason Corporation. Products like shaving, chamfering, honing and threaded wheel grinding machines were developed or improved further on:

Development of Power Shaving.

Introduction of the new Threaded Wheel Grinding Machines

Presentation of the Genesis® Machine Family.

Start of a new generation of Power Honing. Significant investments in the tooling for these machines has been made possible with the success of Gleason Cutting Tools division operations in Munich.

Today, Gleason-HURTH is one of Gleason’s three machine production facilities within Europe, with 300 employees dedicated to serving customers around the world through development of high precision machines, highly competitive tools and outstanding After Sales Service performance.