Customer Impact

‘Green Machine’ designed for sustainability

customer_impact.jpgThroughout the Gleason organization, initiatives are underway to improve our environmental sustainability – and help customers meet their sustainability objectives as well. One example is the new Gleason 280C Bevel Gear Cutting Machine, which represents the first of a new generation of products from Gleason that incorporate a host of design features that reduce the environmental impact of their operation day to day.

Energy savings and reduced waste result from newly designed features, such as:

PowerDryCutting: Elimination of cutting fluids and their impact
on the environment

Polymer composite base construction: Requires less energy to

40 psi system air pressure: Reduces compressor electrical power

Pneumatic-free doors: Requires less electrical power to operate

Elimination of spindle air leak: Reduced compressor operation saves



Grind 'Green' with Gleason Replatable CBN Grinding Wheels

 header_thumb_0383.jpgGleason single layer, replatable CBN grinding wheels deliver higher stock removal rates, lower cost per workpiece, longer wheel life and more consistent quality across a wide range of designs, configurations and sizes. In addition, they also help meet customers' increasing need for processes that are more environmentally friendly, or 'green'.  Here's how:

Unlike vitrified or bonded dressable wheels, they do not require dressing, so there is no need to dispose of waste materials such as wheel swarf or, ultimately, the wheel body itself.  Instead, Gleason replatable CBN grinding wheels are composed of a re-usable steel core plated with either natural or synthetic diamond abrasives, and manufactured with profile tolerances as tight as +/- 0.00127 mm (.00005") for exceptional out-of-the-box performance.

The Gleason wheels are available in a wide range of designs, configurations and sizes to meet any special form or gear grinding application, including the very largest gears.

And because they're produced at Gleason's worldclass in-house plating facility, customers can also be assured of faster turnaround, shorter deliveries and closer application support than available elsewhere.