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Performance expectations for the bevel and cylindrical gears used in automotive drivetrains have never been higher. Automotive manufacturers everywhere are searching for new production solutions that can result in gears that reduce noise levels, improve fuel consumption, transmit more torque and operate with exceptional reliability year in and year out. These new solutions must also give manufacturers the flexibility to react more quickly to consumer demand that can change practically overnight.

Whatever your production requirements, you’ll find the Total Gear Solutions at Gleason.   Everything from the fastest bevel gear cutting machine ever built, to a revolutionary new honing technology that greatly reduces cylindrical gear noise levels, to the world’s only universal gear tester for bevel gears that accommodates all shaftangles and types, and even cylindrical gears. 

You can also design, refine and produce new bevel gear designs for automotive application in a fraction of the time it would take conventionally for trial and error cutting, roll testing and cutting again, with the Gleason Expert Manufacturing System, called GEMS.

Only Gleason offers the complete range of bevel and cylindrical gear cutting tool and workholding solutions, so you can increase productivity, improve quality, set up faster and, ultimately, reduce your cost per workpiece.

…And much more.  Your search for solutions to today’s toughest automotive challenges  starts here.


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