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Around the world, around the clock, in heavy industries worldwide, gears made with Gleason technology are at work, running faster, more reliably, and more economically than ever before.  Whatever your challenge, whether producing thousands of gears a year for a new eight-speed automobile transmission, or just two gears a day for the largest wind power turbines, you’ll find the Total Gear Solutions at Gleason. Gleason’s strategy of continuously investing in the development of advanced new technologies many times more productive than what was possible just a few years ago is what sets us apart.  

For example, with Gleason’s Total Gear Solutions, you’ll set up faster with our quick-change workholding to dramatically reduce non-productive time.   You’ll have access to advanced new cutting tool solutions such as OPTI-CUT®, with indexable carbide-insert technology to increase productivity and tool life.  You can choose from the industry’s  widest range of advanced machine solutions for the complete production, and inspection, of bevel gears up to 1 meter in diameter, and cylindrical gears up to 6 meters in size.   You can employ new processes like OPTI-GRIND®, which can reduce by 40% the time it now takes to hard fine finish large cylindrical gears while improving surface finishes by 2 to 3 times what is possible with conventional profile grinding.   Or use the new AGILUS® 180TH Combination Machine to machine shaft and disc-type workpieces up to 180 mm in diameter complete in a single setup.

…And much more.  Your search for technology solutions to today’s toughest gear production challenges starts here.


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