Modernization Programs

Protect your investment – regain 100% machine performance.
Choose exactly the modernization level that fits your requirements – and your budget.

Metrology Systems Upgrades: Gleason Metrology Systems Upgrades are the fast, easy and economical way to optimize your existing Gleason SIGMA, GMM and GMS® series machines, increasing their productivity and potential for profits.   Upgrades include scanning probe, automatic probe changer, PC upgrade, control upgrades and more.  

Mechanical Retrofit and Upgrades: The main components of the machine receive a mechanical overhaul and are reinstalled. We offer single retrofit and/or modular retrofit as well as upgrades.

Control Upgrades:  Control components are a leading cause of downtime in older machines. Control upgrades reduce breakdowns and improve the reliability of your production output. Packages include exchange of the actual control, the complete drive technology, encoders and the wiring loom for the retrofitted units.

Complete Machine Remanufacture: Complete remanufacture addresses all machine functions.
The machine is returned to our premises, where it is completely disassembled and rebuilt.  A machine remanufacture is close to buying a new machine but without the need to buy new peripherals or to rethink existing process chains.